Navy Anchorage School and College Dhaka

BismillahirRahmanir Rahim.

An effort to be with the government plan to digitalize the administrative process, the Navy Anchorage School and College Dhaka (NASCD) has launched the web based information sharing systems. As a Principal of this school, I am very happy to update the web site by complying the motto of digital Bangladesh that is to establish technology based digital governance, e-commerce, e-agriculture, e-production, e education etc. It contains all required information related to NASCD and I expect to see it to be more engaging, interactive and vibrant in coming days. I believe that this digitization is going to act as a bridge to all enthusiastic people who intend to know about NASCD. It is the virtual platform of NASCD which will definitely satisfy the needs of students and guardians.


Education is considered to be the core instrument of human development. We nurse our young learners of NASCD to develop morally, intellectually, physically, socially, morally and spiritually. The motto of NASCD is “Learning for Life” the core of sharing values, which reflects our ethos and everything we do. These values foster high standards of behavior and achievement, support a framework of respect, promote self-confidence and provide a warm, harmonious environment in which our students can learn and grow. We are deeply committed for the progressive development of our students. Our learned, experienced and self-motivated teaching staffs are always pro-active and inspiring to provide appropriate guidance to the students. Its curriculum is rich, effective and well balanced. The records of passing hundred percent students and achieving numerous scholarships in the board exams, performing better in co-curricular activities, play a vital role in making the NASCD glorious day by day. Presently, this appears to be the prestigious educational institution to every parent in the area. Our digital efforts of sharing the information with others are a true reflection of our actual activities.


Finally, I thank all who are playing an active role in designing, developing and updating this Website. Hope to see more vibrant and interactive modules in coming days with this Website.